"Body Parts and Senses" Educational Kit (Ages 3+ yrs)

Your child will recognize more parts of the body and will also get to understand their use by using various songs, games, and other activities included in the Kit Body Parts and Senses. This will help her to build an extensive vocabulary and a better understanding of how her body works and functions. She will also learn about the senses and by discussing them, she will increase her awareness and understanding of how her sensory experiences relate to the world around her.

Educational kit includes:

  • Guides: 20 Bilingual Activity Cards
  • Music: Kids' Candor CD in English and Spanish: The Body and Its Parts
  • Book: My First Spanish Body Board Book by DK Publishing
  • Toys: Mr. Potato Head and KC Body Parts Flashcards
  • Supporting Materials: Dot Stickers, Crayons and Streamer Roll
  • Print outs: Body Parts and Clothing, Face Doodle, Mirror Image, Body Parts and Senses
  • KC Stickers: Body Parts, Senses Pictures


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