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The Kids' Candor idea was born through our own search for developmental materials for our own pre-school children. Being native Spanish speakers, my husband and I set out to raise our children bilingual and certainly could use the tools and the time to do so. We not only encountered an enormous challenge in finding the right materials in the marketplace but found ourselves devoting precious time (we could have spent with our children) to searching and researching on best practices, approaches and activities to stimulate our children’s development in their early years. We also discovered that lots of other parents, even those who are not bilingual, eagerly searched for the same solution, with little success. Meanwhile, we learned how important human interaction is for the children’s brain and social development in the early years of life, in contrast to the proliferation of on-line tools and one-way digital content for children.
In November 2014 I left my job as a Director of Brand Development in a major US communications company to focus my efforts on this venture. My husband Jorge and I, the cofounders of Kids’ Candor, are fully committed to what we believe will improve the quality of life of many households while shaping young children into successful contributors of our new and diverse society. We believe in respecting children and their intelligence, human interaction and a global and diverse frame of mind.
Below you can read more about us and our team. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, comments or general feedback.
Thank you for visiting our site. There will be more to come.
Lourdes Ramon
Kid’s Candor, Inc.

Our Team


Lourdes Ramón - Co-Founder, Creator and President

Lourdes’ passion to teach Spanish to her children as their first language inspired her to create Kids' Candor. Now she is an advocate for Bilingual and Multilanguage households and she is dedicated to find, improve, create and innovate tools and resources to empower families to teach their children their language of preference. A mother of two (a three-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy), Lourdes has an MBA from New York University and a Chemical Engineering degree from Penn State. Her diverse experience includes roles in Management, Marketing, Supply Chain and Research and Development in top US corporations. Her career spans the industries of Consumer Package Goods, Luxury, and Media and Entertainment. Lourdes’ versions of her title include: mother, wife, bilingual advocate, entrepreneur, CEO and founder, manager, brand, product and process developer, consultant, DIY expert, engineer, WAHM, creative, work in progress, and more. But her four-year-old daughter provided her favorite title: Super Mamá.

Jorge Gallego - Co-Founder and Vice-President

Jorge is Co-Founder and Vice-President of Kids’ Candor. He firmly believes in the social premise of Kids’ Candor and how it gives meaning to its existence. 
Jorge has strong Sales, Finance and Operations qualifications with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in general management, new venture strategy and execution, business development and deal making. The last 8 years he has devoted to originating and structuring financial transactions for a Fortune 100 company in the US. Jorge has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and a Bachelor in Communications from Purdue University. Jorge is fluent in English, Spanish and German. In addition to his main responsibilities, Jorge now composes and produces children songs for Kids’ Candor. That is when he is not looking for his personal effects inside the toy bin of his two-year-old son.


Jessica Carley Badolato - Product Developer

During the day, Jessica enjoys reading, singing, dancing, playing, exploring, and learning with her two sons (two years old and 6 months old) between, and sometimes during, diaper changes and snacks. She also provides care for infants and toddlers.Jessica is a Teach for America alumna who has served over 11 years in education as an elementary school teacher and with reading intervention programs. In the classroom, she worked with International Baccalaureate, several school reform models, English Language Learners, gifted and talented, and those receiving special education services. Her background includes teaching English as a Second or Other Language to children and adults, curriculum development and training, management, program design, innovation and development, editing, and consulting. She has a B.S. in BioBehavioral Health from the Pennsylvania State University, post-baccalaureate in Early Childhood Education from Agnes Scott College, and an MBA from Regent University.



James Adler – Musical Collaborator 

James is a professional musician and recent father for the first time. A successful music composer, performer and teacher, James lends both his children music expertise and original compositions to the Kids’ Candor initiative. Among his accomplishments stand the original albums “The Munchkin Music Club” for children and “Diamond Jim’s Nevada Club” (for grown ups).

James holds a BA from McGill University in Music Performance, West European History and Religious Studies. He is a talented piano and guitar player, also fluent in English and French.