Our Framework

Developmental Skills

As your child participates in the Kids' Candor program he will practice skills in support of key development areas. These skills, when combined with a nurturing environment, intention to teach, active interaction, and meaningful relationship will foster a successful future for the child.

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The crucial role of parents in their children development and the importance of bilingualism since birth

Research clearly demonstrates the need for positive human interactions in order to optimize a child’s brain development: with language, cognitive, social, and motor skills and bilingualism. Through the interplay of nature and nurture in the transactional model, parents and caregivers play pivotal roles in providing an environment that encourages discovery learning in these areas. Learning another language in early childhood shapes the brain to be stronger in certain cognitive skills and more receptive to language. These interactions are influential from as early as birth and promote benefits that are evident during the school years and span decades.

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