“Can you believe all the stuff included in this kit? You can tell the folks at Kids Candor have really considered multiple ways to teach kids a new language. They cover it all with visual and tactile ways to reinforce the learning. The major plus with this kit is the detailed instructions, with necessary materials listed, and even a marker and index cards included. No excused not to get started right away with this one!” -Full review from Plan to Happy

“Finding educational games where my child can actually learn, but I don't have to run around to a million different stores to find all the right stuff is hard. But Kids' Candor has taken out all the leg work for you.” -Full review from Nanny to Mommy


“My absolute favorite aspect of this kit was the twenty Kids’ Candor activity cards. As a parent, I am constantly searching for new learning activities for my son. These cards are the backbone of this kit, because they offer unique experiences (exclusively written by Kids’ Candor) that you and your child can participate in.” -Full review from Our Everyday Harvest

"As far as our experience goes, my kids had a blast! … Basically it was a fun experience that was also educational. If you have children, whether you homeschool or not, I certainly recommend this subscription box if you can fit it into your budget!” -Full review from Closet of Free


“My favorite part about the kit was that included a stack of activity cards with instructions in both English and Spanish on different learning activities around the theme that promoted fine and gross motor development, language development, and creativity. Plus I learned how to say a bunch of shapes in Spanish, something I realized I never learned besides circle and square.” -Full review from Linkouture


In a nutshell, here's why we're loving Kids' Candor and think you will, too:

  • help your child (and yourself) learn through play (in English and/or Spanish)
  • pick up great new educational game ideas to play with your child
  • receive educational toys and books that will last for years

great birthday/Christmas/Hannukah gifts -Full review from US Japan Fam

“This box is perfect for moms looking for one on one activities to do with their little ones. Especially if you are looking for educational activities that will boost development.” -Full review from Sammy Approves


“I was blown away by the activity cards that were included. The cards were designed to guide you through a variety of games and lessons that utilize the materials that come in the kit. My favorite part is that some of the activities are about putting things together, so that later activities can use what you’ve created together. As an avid crafter and mom who’s very passionate about creating things, I think this is a very smart way to get kids involved in the kit and the lessons they will participate in. Creating is so important for their development and motor skills.” -Full review from Organic Parenthood

“She actually asks me. almost daily, what activity ‘out of the box’ we are going to do today. This coming from my daughter who doesn’t love to do activities like this. She is excited to do them, and I am happy to be spending quality time with her while helping her learn!” -Full review from Play Dough & Popsicles

 “I have seen many subscription boxes out there but this is the first Billingual English/Spanish subscription program I’ve seen! Kids’ Candor makes things so much easier for busy moms to get the tools that they need and not have to worry about putting together their own educational billingual program.” -Full review from The Story of Five

When our kit arrived, I was really excited. The first time, I opened the kit, I flipped through contents and thought “Wow, this is a really comprehensive kit. It’s definitely above Doodles’ (2.5) level and probably above Cakey’s (4) too.” When the girls and I went through the kit, they were just as excited as I was. I still had some reservations about it but they picked out an activity and we jumped in. Both girls blew me away with how quickly they picked up on the concept of the activity. -Full review from Penguins in Pink


This kit allows us as parents to teach our children while playing games and doing activities, which is wonderful on so many levels. -Full review from Fab Working Mom Life 

"Kids’ Candor is a phenomenal collection of bilingual and child development activities. There were so many activities to do, the box really kept my children entertained!  I loved that I could introduce new Spanish words while my children played.  This box not only had activities for my children, but there were also games our whole family could enjoy." -Full review from Subscription Box Mom 

"Abel absolutely loves the Bilingual Alphabet / El Alfabeto CD by Kids’ Candor Original music that includes 12 tracks to help your child learn the ABCs in both English and Spanish. The lyrics in both languages are included. It also doesn’t hurt that I am brushing up on my Spanish. Its a win a win for us!" -Full review from Raising Jay & Abel

 "When I opened the box, I was astounded at the treasure trove of material it contained! It included a book, a music CD, flash cards, blocks and pages upon pages of documentation." -Full review from hello subscription


"Kids’ Candor seems like a great way to begin introducing your child to a second language and I believe it’s currently the only subscription box of its kind. I was really impressed by the fact that they produce their own original music CDs and supporting materials (aside from the book & toys, of course). The activities were all very straight-forward and easy enough to incorporate into a daily routine." -Full review from 2 Little Rosebuds

 "Our first Kids’ Candor Bilingual Educational Kit arrived today.  From the moment my kids saw both of their names on the box, they were hooked!  They opened the box to find educational materials, a book, stickers, supplies, puzzle, music CD, and a Mr. Potato Head." -Full review from Letters In The Sand


Testimonials from our customers: 

“I really enjoyed doing the activities with my children. It was also a learning experience for me as well as for them. To be able to teach them Spanish in a fun way was amazing, because usually it is not easy to come up with creative ways to do so. Kids' Candor helped achieve all this.” – Family of a 3yr and 4mo

"I like the idea that we can work on one activity each evening or every other evening. And I myself love learning words in Spanish!” - Mother of a 6mo boy

"Kids’ Candor will make our family life better since we would not need to research by ourselves Spanish activities to teach our daughters the language. It will save time and our sanity.” - Mother of two girls

”Kids’ Candor helps parents who wish to teach Spanish to their kids achieve this in a fun and engaging manner, without having to figure it out by themselves.” -Bilingual family with two children

"Incredibly valuable. I know I personally would subscribe to this and recommend it to friends!” - English speaking mother

"Easy to use, love the amount of activities for the girls. They really seem to enjoy them and want to learn and do more, every time I bring out the Kids' Candor box :)” -Mother of twins

"Kids' Candor es un producto anhelado y que llega a cubrir una necesidad para las familias, que como la mía, deseamos que nuestros hijos sean bilingües." - Spanish speaking family

"Kids' Candor makes us come together.” - Bilingual family of five

"It adds value for convenience, removing the time to search, and I like how we can weave all components together: songs match goals and toys.” - Mother of two boys

"It has been so exciting to see my daughters’ thirst for knowledge in Spanish! I love it because I want them to learn and love learning, and that is exactly what I am seeing!” - Mother of a 4yr old and 2yr old twins