About our Educational Activities

Comprehensive, Fun and Engaging










Our educational activities are created under the following categories:

  1. Singing and Dancing - uses our original bilingual songs as the main tools.
  2. Story Time – uses the bilingual book as the main tool.
  3. Let’s Play - gets your children active and moving.
  4. Discovering – uses discovery as a learning tool and introduces the child to new concepts in a fun and interactive way.
  5. Let’s Focus - primarily sit-down activities such as arts and crafts, drawing, writing, puzzles, and mental challenges.



Convenient and easy to do

All materials are included. Activities won’t require supporting materials outside of the box.

All activities are doable anywhere- no preparation needed!

Activities are fast and easy to clean up.





Activities are designed to be appropriate for the children’s age yet challenging, in order for them to learn something new.

Activities incorporate the bilingual aspect naturally and consistently. 

Each activity focuses and support growth in 2-3 of the major developmental areas.



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