Developmental Goal Matrix



Stage 0 - Your baby settles into a routine of feeding and sleeping, growing more alert and investigating her world. She grows more in this period than at any other time in her life.

Stage 1 - Your baby’s developmental are quick. She learns to sit up by herself and becomes an explorer. Her awareness increases, and she is creeping around, investigating new territories.

Stage 2 - Babies become toddlers. They are more independent and explore their world by crawling, walking, climbing, and running. They experiment with how things work, and can manipulate small objects.

Stage 3 - Your child is continually on the go, with increased strength and coordination, and her vocabulary grows rapidly to more than 100 words.

Stage 4 - Your child is more agile. She develops the muscular control and concentration to master precise finger and hand movements. Now she can make others.