Developmental Areas

As your child participates in the Kids' Candor program he or she will practice skills that will nurture the development of their bodies, their minds, and their language. These skills, when combined with a loving environment, intention to teach, active interaction, and a meaningful relationship will foster a successful future for the child.


Physical Development: The ability for children to use their bodies and the process by which they acquire movement patterns and skills. Includes all motor skill development: sitting, standing, walking, eating, drawing, dressing, etc.


Social and Emotional Development: The ability to understand the feelings of others and control their own feelings and behaviors. Includes interacting with others, forming relationships, cooperating, and responding to the feelings of others.

Cognitive Development: The ability to gain meaning and knowledge from experience, information, and thinking. Includes learning, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning, and remembering. 

Speech and Language Development: The ability to speak and understand language. Includes speaking, using body language and gestures, communicating, and understanding what others say.