How to Order a Kids' Candor Subscription

With Kids’ Candor you can start or stop when you need to, and you pay one month at a time. No prepayment or commitment.



 Choose Bilingual Subscription Kits 




Choose the type of subscription: Either “Full” or “Essentials” version** and add to Cart

“Full” versus “Essentials”: The “Full” version’s kits contain everything you need for the activities, including all toys and materials; $45/month. The "Essentials" kit is a light version without toys or materials you may already have at home; $25/month.

Pick from 5 stages the one the best matches your child’s age.

How to Pick the correct stage: Choose the age range that best matches your child’s age or developmental stage. You can change stages at any time, so don’t worry if your child is almost at the end of the age range, e.g. Choose stage 2 ( 1 to 2 years old) even if your child is 22 months old.


Customize your subscription and add your child’s name – then finish checkout.

Your first box will arrive within a few weeks.


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