"The ABC" Educational Kit (Ages 1+ yrs)

The alphabet is one of the most important building blocks of the language. The ABC Kit provides numerous activities to learn it. These activities will help your child connect words and letters to sound. Focusing on the sounds of the letters promotes phonological awareness which supports literacy development. Songs and rhymes are a way to build understanding of the alphabet and to make meaningful connections to the letters. Through these activities your child will develop the ability to hear the sounds of words. He will use his senses to discover the various letters of alphabet and will recognize words by their shapes​.

Educational kit includes:

  • Guides: 20 Bilingual Activity Cards and ABCs Activities Guide
  • Music: Kids' Candor CD in English and Spanish: The Alphabet
  • Book: A is for Airplane by Theresa Howell
  • Toys: Alphabet Blocks and KC Alphabet Flashcards


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